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This realm would be a donor only realm. Some of the features would include:
➤ A quarry - a big pit that allows you to get basic blocks like sand, clay, dirt, gravel, etc. That replenishes by a button

➤ Vein Mountain - a big mountain that has plenty of resources but has a higher mob count to balance it out

➤ Silk touch spawners - The ability to pick up spawners that you've placed

➤ Specialized quests - Donor only quests (once the new quest system is built)

➤ A forum page where most suggestions of this realm would be looked at closely

This would be a realm to further reward donors with easily available basic resources so they can focus on socializing and building. I would suggest either accessible by MVP+ or purchasing Rainbow access for $25 in the donation store (similar to the creative world)

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Under consideration

Comments: 1

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