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Recently there have been changes to the server to improve the TPS and decrease the lag, and one of the major effects of this change has been the removal of minecarts when the TPS drops. With the minecarts constantly being removed, we will have to rethink many designs and spend large amounts of time rebuilding things such as but not limited to:

-Super Smelters
-Minecart Collection Systems
-Dog Farms / Auto kill farms with animals
-Any farm that utilizes the updating of mob positions (iron golem to list one)
-Chunk loading (riding around in a minecart to load new chunks whilst afk'ing)

Provided is one example of a minecart collection system that was wiped.

I feel that it is in the best interest of the players to be able to keep the minecart designs the way they were and change the anti-lag slightly to adjust to this.

Thanks :)

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Not planned

Comments: 2

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