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With playing on the Hardcore server, I've seen that without keys we obtain money instead when votes reach the set reward amount, or when a donation or purchase goes through. While building my house, I already have about 80,000. /shop is inexpensive and seldom used, as it only has about a page of items. I would like to suggest a way to use the money we earn, while also being a way to lessen the amount of /balance any one player may have, without putting in effort to earn more.

Thus, a money sink. /lottery would be an easy way to introduce this, but I would like to also see a game hall (With items/interesting things to win as prizes, at a chance) as well as other ways to put the money to good use. As is, I don't see myself ever spending much money whereas in the past it was a big part of playing on a multiplayer server for me.

I'd like to see a discussion start around this, as a way to artificially lessen the amount of $ a player may have, but also reward grinding.

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