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So, what I'm thinking for the server:

A third realm. Smaller than Blue, 10k by 10k blocks, maybe 15k instead. It'd be a realm focused on PVP and clan warfare, different rules than the other realms, and a different community and claiming system. Griefing is situationally allowed- such as during clan wars. PVP events and competitions could be held there. Maybe disable Master & FUN crates so it's fair. Maybe the boss system could be reworked for there, too.

And possibly, it could be totally wiped once in awhile, perhaps after a clan has successfully dominated the server for a set amount of time.

Perhaps it could be called the Blood Realm. Perhaps Purple or Yellow realm.

It might not be the current community's cup of tea, and it could bring an unruly and toxic audience, but I think it could bring more players to the server.

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Under consideration

Comments: 1

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